Who Needs Motorways!

May 14, 2018
The guys heading off on another Waterways job - who needs motorways and bridges to get to work!...
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Kelvin and Vin have completed a project on the Napier Hill building timber retaining walls and fences of which they had the real pleasure of Ken's company to give them a hand.  Ken is from Belgium and the guys enjoyed hearing about life in Belgium and his travels....
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Three Generations Of Fencers

February 20, 2018
Three Generations - Kelvin and Vin was taken by our client to the strainer that Kelvin's Dad and Vin's Grandad, Dick Hullah, was photographed digging in on the same property in 1972. Sadly, Dick passed away recently but it is a real privilege the 3 generations have fenced on...
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